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The diverse culture of western Mongolia
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Trip highlights

  • Natural landscapes such as forests, steppes, mountains
  • Meet nomadic families, learn about their lifestyle
  • Interact with livestock such as horses, camels and cows
  • Turgenii Mountain Range’s snow-capped mountains, breath-taking scenery, sand dunes

In western Mongolia, the Turge high mountains of the Altai Mountain Range look over the Uvs lake valley. Our trip will start at Uureg Lake and we will trek through the north most part of the Gobi and south most hemisphere of the tundra.

Trip itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. City tour.

Day 2: Fly to Ulaangom.Meet local team.

Day 3: Trekking to Zalaatriver  /trekking/

Day 4:Achit lake/trekking/

Day 5:Suvgiinkhundii/trekking/

Day 6,7:Turgen mountains/trekking/

Day 8:Goojuur waterfall/trekking/

Day 9:Khovdsoum/trekking/

Day 10: Shaazgai lake/trekking/

Day 11: Drive to Khyargaslake.

Day 12: Set off for Bayan lake.

Day 13,14: Visit to nomadic family and walking in the sand dune

Day 15: return to Ulaangom city.

Day 16: Fly to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 17: Departure.

Activity: Drive 200 km on dirt road, 6-8 hours of trekking, horse riding or camel riding, sightseeing, and cultural visits

Date & Price

Duration: 17 days 16 nights

Accommodation: 2 nights in hotel, 1 night in ger, 13 nights in tent

Trekking: 8 days

Domestic flight: Ulaanbaatar-Ulaangom/Ulaangom

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Tour detail

Day 1: An introductory city tour through Ulaanbaatar, where we will visit sites such as Gandan-tegchilen monastery, National Museum of Mongolia where you will learn about the history of Mongolia, and other sites such as Zanabazar fine arts museum will allow you to see the culture of Mongolia.

Overnight in a hotel.

Day 2: Fly to Ulaangomsoum. After we visit the local museum, we will drive towards Uureg Lake, a 42 m deep lake surrounded by high mountains. The lake is very suitable to swim on sunny days. In the evening, we will meet with our local guides. Camp overnight next to the lake.B+L+D

Day 3:Trekking

Our first day of trekking. We will meet local nomadic families and learn about their lifestyle and nomadic culture. We will taste milk tea, airag, and other dairy products made the nomadic families.

We will camp next to ZalaatRiver.B+L+D

Day 4:Trekking

We will also see Turgen high mountains and Achit Lake. Achit Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the Uvs province and is beautifully situated in between sand dunes.

Overnight in tent.B+L+D

Day 5:Trekking

We will walk around Achit Lake and enjoy the scenery in the surrounding areas. In the evening we will meet with our drivers and cars. We will drive to Suwgiinkhundii.

 We will stay overnight in tent.B+L+D

Days 6,7 :Trekking

 We will walk east towards Tureg snow-capped mountains. On our way, we will visit a nomadic family and stay the night in the nomad gers. Spending the night with the nomadic family will allow us to feel the warmth and hospitality of Mongolian families. In the afternoon, we will arrive at Baruunsalaa Lake.

Overnight in tent. B+L+D

Day 8:Trekking

Today we will arrive at Goojuur waterfall. Goojuur waterfall falls down from height of 17 m. Ancient trade routes passed through this area and you can see rock paintings from the Stone Ages.

Overnight in tent. B+L+D

Day 9:Trekking

We will arrive at Khovdsoum located at the banks of Shuugiantriver. We will visit a nomadic family and enjoy the day with them.

Overnight in tent. B+L+D

Day 10: Trekking

Our trek will continue towards Shaazgai Lake. Many waterfowls breed and visit this lake during migratory season. If we are lucky, we can see over hundreds of ducks flocking to this lake. After lunch, we will continue trekking until we meet up with our car and driver in the evening.

Overnight in tent. B+L+D

Day 11: We will drive towards Khyrgas Lake. This is the fourth largest lake in Mongolia. Lake Khyargas was formed through tectonic activity. Northern part of the lake is soft and sandy whereas the south is rocky islands.

Overnight in tent near the lake.B+L+D

Day 12: Drive to Bayan Nuur Lake surrounded by sand dunes. This lake offers beautiful scenery for taking pictures.

Overnight in tent near the lake.B+L+D

Days 13,14: Visit to local nomad families near the lake. We will walk around the sand dune. We will circle the lake on horseback, enjoying the peaceful setting and beautiful landscape from horseback.

Overnight in tent. B+L+D

Day 15: We will return to Ulaangomsoum. Spend the day exploring the province capital. We will visit some of the soum’s attractions and stores.

Overnight in tent near the soum.B+L+D

Day 16: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. In the evening, we will see a Mongolian cultural concert with contortion artists, throat singers, national long songs and dances.

Overnight at hotel. (B)

Day 17: Departure

Service included:

  • Local guides.
  • Entrance fees
  • Private transfers and transports
  • Twin/double share accommodation: hotel**
  • Meals as listed
  • Invitation letter
  • Travel equipment
  • Domestic flight Ulaangom-Ulaanbaatar-Ulaangom
  • Accommodation:

We accommodate our customers in 2-5 star hotels with favorable locations in the heart of Ulaanbaatar. Click here to see information of hotel.

  • Tourist Ger Camps: The camp is made up of several Gers, furnished with 2-3 beds, a stove and other traditional furniture, and has all modern facilities, including washing blocks with western style toilets and shower rooms, laundry places, restaurant and shopping facilities. As there is no heating system in the Gers, the stoves are used for heating.Click here to see information of hotel
  • Tents: We use tents of Ferrino brand that are easy to put up and take down and most importantly, perfectly suit Mongolia’s extreme weather condition.

Click here to see information of hotel

  • Meals: A group made up of more than three people will be provided with a professional chef who will be serving a wide variety of Asian, European and Mongolian dishes throughout the trip. You will be served breakfast, lunch accompanied with salad and snack, and hot meal for dinner carefully prepared to suitable the weather and condition in the trip field.

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  • Transportation: We choose the transportation from 4×4 Russian vehicles, 4×4 Japanese or Korean vehicles and modern buses. The most suitable transportation for countryside travels is, in most cases, Russian vans. Baggage is sometimes carried on horse, camel and yak carts in relevance to the trip type.

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Service not included:

  • International Airfare/train tickets + Tax
  • Excess luggage charges
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fees
  • Items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, camera or video fees at any sites etc.
  • Tips for your guide and driver (discretionary).
  • Meals in Ulaanbaatar

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