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13th Century Complex and Terelj National Park (2D1N)
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Trip highlights

The 13th Century park, located 96 km east of Ulaanbaatar in Erdenesoum of Central province, has become one of the favorite attractions for both domestic and foreign tourists. The park is often referred as a « live museum» as the people residing in the park live the authentic lifestyle of the Mongols of the 13th century, without any use of modern items.

The visit to the park will  evoke the true spirit and time of ChingisKhaan and will give you an opportunity to experience the authentic feeling of this historically famous period. The park comprises several camps and tribes each practicing different activities. The camps include King’s palace, shaman camp, herder’s camp, craftsmen camp, education camp and so on. All camps are open to you.

You will enjoy traditional meals in the comfort of the King’s palace while watching folk art performances. In herder’s camp, you will see daily activities of ancient herders, and ride a horse and a camel. In craftsmen’s camp, you will watch how the craftsmen make swords and brigandines of ChingisKhaan’s warriors. You will even have your name written in old Mongolian script by visiting the education camp.

Day 1: Drive to the 13th Century Complex.

Stay the night in a ger in Terelj National Park.L+D

Day 2: Visit Ariyabal temple and the Turtle Rock in Terelj National Park. Come back to UB.

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Day 1: Drive from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, to 13th Century Complex, a place that will make you feel like you've traveled to Mongolia of 13th Century and show you how Chinggis Khaan used to live in 13th Century. You will have mongolian-style lunch in the Complex and head to Terelj National Park, which is not so far from the Complex. In Terelj, you will visit a nomad family and stay with them. Dinner will be served in nomad family. Overnight in Ger.

Day 2: After breakfast with nomad family, you will have a half day in beautiful nature of Trelj National Park. You will enjoy a half day hiking to Ariyabal temple, which is an ancient buddhist temple located on the mountain and the Turtle Rock, a natural rock which actually looks like a turtle. After hiking, you will head back to Ulaanbaatar.