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Discovering Mongolia with your family
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Trip highlights

Diverse landscapes, including steppe, forest, sand, lake and river

  • Get introduced to the lifestyle of nomad families and experience their heart-felt hospitality
  • See Przewalski horses, the ancestors of all modern day horses
  • Visit Bayangobi, the worshipped KhugnuKhaanmountain, the famous Orkhon valley, and Mongolia’s ancient capital Kharkhorin (Kharakorum) city.

We firmly believe that happy memories make happy families. Therefore, we do our best to make family trips full of pleasant adventures and unforgettable memories. You can present one more happy memory to your family by choosing this trip. The trip will be not only adventurous and memorable, but also educational, giving back something useful to every member of the family. You and your family will have a great time together experiencing the interesting lifestyle of nomads, enjoying a horseback riding on most powerful and tolerant Mongolian horses whose hooves once roared across the half of the world, from the Yellow sea to the Caspian Sea, trekking in sand dunes and the worshipped red granite mountain and visiting cultural heritages that had been left in historically famous Orkhon Valley by the nomads of Central Asia.

Trip itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Transfert a Khustai.

Day 2: Khustai national park

Day 3: Set off for Undurshireet.

Day 4: Drive to Khugnukhaan.

Day 5: Relaxing day.

Day 6: Karakorum monastery

Day 7: Enjoy Ugiilake.

Day 8: Drive to nomadic family

Day 9: Discovering nomadic family

Day 10: Set off for Bayantsogt.

Day 11: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 12: Departure

Activity : Travel approximately 80 km on dirt road and 200 km on paved road. Hiking can be arranged for children. Horse riding can be organized for 1-2 hours at a request.

Date & Price

Duration: 12 days and 11 nights

Accommodation: 1 night in a hotel, 5 nights in ger camp, 5 nights in a tent

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Tour detail

Day 1: Travel to Hustai National Park directly from the airport. We will pass by the famous trans-Siberian railroad which stretches 7500 km, connecting Moscow, Ulaabaatar and Beijing. During our travel to Hustai National Park, you will witness the stunning beauty of endless steppe. You will walk on sand that had come with the wind from the Gobi.

We will stay the night in a tent.L+D

Day 2: You will see Przewalski horses, the ancestors of all modern day horses,  inHustai National Park.  Przewalski horse is the last truly wild horse, first discovered by a Russian zoologist Nikolai MikhailovichPrzhevalsky in 1870s. In the 1960s the horse became extinct in the wild, largely due to competition with domestic livestock for grazing land and water and to hunting for horsemeat. The horse was reintroduced to Hustai national Park in 1992. We also see deer stones from the 7th century Turkic period.

We will stay a night in a ger.B+L+D

Day 3: Drive to Tuulriver. Depending on the water level, we will have possibilities of traveling by canoe.  If the weather permits, we can enjoy star watching and even fly in air balloon.

 Overnight in a ger. B+L+D

Day 4: Arrive in a tourist camp in KhugnuKhaanmountain. We will enjoy fun time walking and playing on the sand of Bayangobi.

Overnight in a ger . B+L+D

Day 5: We will hike in KhugnuKhaanmountain and visit OvgonHiid monastery. Khugnukhaan Mountain, located in the northern side of Elsentasarkhai sand dunes, is a red granite mountain in the middle of which grow cotoneaster and juniper.

Overnight in a ger . B+L+D

Day 6: Arrive in Karakorum ancient city. We will see the stone turtle, the protector of the ancient city, visit the Erdene-Zuu monastery and the market place of Karakorum city. Erdene-Zuu monastery (hundred treasures), built in 1586 with the stones delivered from the ruins of the ancient capital Karakorum, by Altai Khaan, was the first and biggest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia.

We will stay the night in a tent.B+L+D

Day 7: Visit Turkic museum on the way to Ogiilake. It is a fresh water lake where more than 150 species of rare and near rare birds dwell. The lake is also rich with various types of fish which makes the lake an attraction to naturalists, bird watchers and fishermen.

Overnight in a tent. B+L+D

Day 8 and 9: Visit a nomad family and experience their lifestyle. You will participate in their daily activities such as yak, sheep, goat milking, animal herding and making dairy products.

Stay the night in a tent. B+L+D

Day 10: Galloping across the steppe, we will arrive in Bayantsogt where you can enjoy horse riding for 1-2 hours.

Overnight in a ger.B+L+D

Day 11: Arrive in UB. We will visit Gandan monastery and the Museum of Natural History famous for its exhibits from Jurassic period, such as dinosaur bones and fossil eggs. In the evening, we will enjoy a Mongolian cultural concert where contortionists, throat singers, national long songs singers and dancers will be performing.

Overnight in a hotel.B+L

Day 12: Departure

Service included:

•           Local guides.

•           Entrance fees/

•           Private transfers and transports

•           Twin/double share accommodation: hotel**, Ger camps

•           Meals as listed

•           Invitation letter

•           Travel equipment

•           Domestic flights

•           Accommodation:

We accommodate our customers in 2-5 star hotels with favorable locations in the heart of Ulaanbaatar. Click here to see information of hotel.

•           Tourist Ger Camps: The camp is made up of several Gers, furnished with 2-3 beds, a stove and other traditional furniture, and has all modern facilities, including washing blocks with western style toilets and shower rooms, laundry places, restaurant and shopping facilities. As there is no heating system in the Gers, the stoves are used for heating. Click here to see information of hotel

•           Tents:  We use tents of Ferrino brand that are easy to put up and take down and most importantly, perfectly suit Mongolia’s extreme weather condition.

Click here to see information of hotel

•           Meals: A group made up of more than three people will be provided with a professional chef who will be serving a wide variety of Asian, European and Mongolian dishes throughout the trip. You will be served breakfast, lunch accompanied with salad and snack, and hot meal for dinner carefully prepared to suitable the weather and condition in the trip field.

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•           Transportation: We choose the transportation from 4×4 Russian vehicles, 4×4 Japanese or Korean vehicles and modern buses. The most suitable transportation for countryside travels is, in most cases, Russian vans. Baggage is sometimes carried on horse, camel and yak carts in relevance to the trip type.

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Service not included:

•           International Airfare/train tickets + Tax

•           Excess luggage charges

•           Travel insurance

•           Visa fees

•           Items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, camera or video fees at any sites etc.

•           Tips for your guide and driver (discretionary).

•           Meals in Ulaanbaatar

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