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Responsible Tourism Club
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 The club “Responsible tourism” by the M.A.T (Mongolian Adventure Tours ) provides an opportunity for and collaborates with the students majoring and keep in tourism to improve their knowledge and skill and to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. 


To use the tourism resources of Mongolia appropriately- the stunning nature, history, cultural heritage, nomadic way of life, tradition and culture, to have a deep respect towards the local community, their tradition and culture, surrounding environment and to highly encourage the benefits of tourism.

Exchange information with students to conduct training and research, promote to develop the sustainable and responsible tourism

Encourage students majoring in Tourism.

  • Provide necessary information and training materials.
  • Provide professional counseling.
  • Provide an opportunity for professional internship.
  • Create part-time jobs during the peak season for tourism.

The club always welcomes the youth who are majoring in tourism and seeking for an employment in the same field.