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Mongolian ger camps/ tourist camps
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 We choose our business partners carefully, based on the experience of long-term cooperation and the comfort of our clients.

 Tourist Ger Camps, usually located right in the beautiful scenery of Mongolian countryside, is the best  accommodation for you to experience the real taste  of nomadic lifestyle. The camp is made up of  several Gers, furnished with 2-3 beds in one Ger, a stove and other traditional furniture, and has all modern  facilities, including washing blocks with western style restrooms, showers, laundry and a restaurant outside the Ger.

 As there is no heating system in the Gers, the stoves are used for heating.

 Mongolian ger camps  give you an opportunity to get closer to the nature. It is a real satisfaction to  sleep in the wilderness under the canopies of stars and wake up with the view of grandeur natural  beauty.