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Mongolian road and our car
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   Due to the poor infrastructure, most of the roads in Mongolia are dirt roads which require 4×4 vehicles for countryside tours. We travel200км on dirt road and 350 км on paved road per day.Our company uses 4×4 Russian UAZ  jeeps and vans which have proven to bereliable over the years. To add comfort and convenience to your tour experience in Mongolia, “Mongolian Adventure Tours” company offers you a various 4×4 vehicles, along with responsible and high skilled drivers who hold many years of experience in providing high quality service to tourists.


                                                                                       4WD Korean, Japanese jeeps

 Seating capacity: 5 passengers, plus a driver. Japanese Jeeps are the most comfortable vehicles for traveling in Mongolia. All cars are equipped with air-condition. You can use these cars bothfor short and long distances.




                                                   Russian Minivan

 Seating capacity: 8 passengers, plus a driver

 Russian Minivan  is a powerful and reliable vehicle which ensures a smooth ride both in heavy city  traffic and on the rough terrain.

 Thanks to its large size, spacious cabin, and huge trunk, this vehicle is perfectly suitable for family   trips and large group voyages.

                                         4WD Korean minivan

 Seating capacity: 6 passengers, plus a driver

 Starex – comfortable, fast vehicle with air condition. This car is able to traverse through different    roads.