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Mongolian fauna and flora
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 The science study of Mongolian fauna was started in the second half of the 19th century. Everyone  traveling in Mongolia may find it difficult to distinguish between wild and domesticated animals as  both roam freely on the open, vast steppe. Though Mongolia does not have the large games such lion, elephant that attract visitors to Africa, it has many rare and endangered species such as the snow leaopard, Argali and Ibex. So our company no longer offering our hunting tours for some rare species like Argali, Ibex, Deer, Elk, Bear, Gazelles and Roe Deer.

Mammals: Currently 136 species of mammals concerning-8 classes, 22 families, 70 types of mammals have been registered in Mongolia, most of them are endemic in Central Asia. 60 species of them are hunted as they are game animals.

Birds:Mongolia has a rich composition of bird species due to the migratory routes from the Pasificana Indian Oceans to the Mediterranean Sea and to Arctic Ocean and Northern Tundra.. 426 species of birds have been observed in Mongolia- 322 species or 78% are migrated. 30 species of birds are included in the “Red book of Mongolia” as they are concerned as rare and endangered.And some lakes as Khovsgul, Uvs, Khar Us, Dayan, Dorgon, TerkhiinTsagaan and also some rivers where high density of birds is observed have been strictly protected partially. Birds such as Grusleucogeranus, Grusvipio, Chlamydotisundulata, ciconiamigra, Pelecanuscrispus, Platalealeucorodia, Anasformosa, Limnodromussemipalmatus, Larusrelictus have been protected.

Reptiles: Currently 22 species of reptiles have been registered in the country such as alsophylaxpipiens, teratoscincusprzwalskii, cyrtopodionelongatus, laudakiastoliczkana, phrynocephalusversicolor, phrynocephalushelioscopus, lacertaagilis, lacerta vivipara, eryxtataricus, elaphedione, coluberspinalis, elapheschrenckii, natrixnatrix, viperaberus, qkistrodonhalys… most of these reptiles are endemic.

Amphibians: In the world currently, 3 types, 29 families, 3000 species of insects have been registered, of which 2 types, 4 families of 8 species of amphibians have been observed in Mongolia such as Bufodanatensis, Salamandrellakeyserlingii, Ranachensinensis, Hyla japonica, buforaddei, …some of the amphibians are endemic.

Fishes: Mongolia has 75 species of fishes. Fish that are not listed in the “Red book of Mongolia” are sport fish. Common fish in Mongolia: taimen, great kalyga, strugeons, arctis cisco, siberian whitefish, pikes- amur pike, northern pike, cyprinid fish, carp, roach, dwaftaltaiosman, mongolian grayling, mongolianredfin, look up, haitejsculpin…

Insects: Insect life is the richest in the wild life of Mongolia as 13000 species of insects are observed in the country.